C30 Shell
C30 Shell
C30 Shell
C30 Shell

C30 Shell

Glass, Steel
Roof, Renovation

The C30 building is part of Shell's headquarters on the Carel van Bylandtlaan in the Hague. Together with main contractor De Vries & Verburg Bouw we're realizing a gridshell canopy for this building. 

The canopy of 30 x 30 meters will be placed above an existing courtyard and attached to the more than 100 years old, monumental building. It will create an indoor atrium.

The gridshell structure, fully executed in a black color, will be covered with cold-twisted glass panels of 2,6 x 2,6 meters. By now we’ve completed the engineering process. We optimalized the design using parametric design. Every element is unique and fits together perfectly due to precise measurements.

The canopy will be made up of various frames that we will pre-assemble in our factory. This way we keep control on how the different elements come together and it shortens our time on site significantly. 

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