Realising challenging architecture.

That's what we do at Octatube.

We are a family business from Delft. We are open, honest and above all driven. Together, we bring the most challenging architecture to life. And we are proud of it!


Cannot, does not exist.

Keep a cool head and keep puzzling. Because 'can't' doesn't exist. Mick Eekhout started his architectural firm in the 1970s on this basis. For the time, he devised technically innovative and daring architectural constructions with space frames. But it proved difficult to find parties who dared to build these specialised structures. So he founded Octatube: a design & build company in one.

Design & Build.

We build what we design.

We convert our client's vision into a creative, innovative, feasible, technical design. Often, the complexity of the architect’s design asks for our early involvement in the project. With our specialists in different disciplines we devise, research, test and realise the best and smartest solutions. This gives us the opportunity to see ahead, tackle problems before they arise and continuously optimise the entire process. It is also our breeding ground for learning and getting better. This design and build concept gives our clients the major benefit of just one responsible and reliable partner for the complete design and build process.

Customisation through innovation.

Getting better and better at what we do best.

We specialise in unique and bespoke solutions for complex architecture. This requires a different approach for each project. We also believe in incremental innovation: we want to do better every time. Our 'can't be done, doesn't exist' mentality - our drive to keep puzzling until we have the best solutions - is essential.

Our ambitions.

We look further.

We want to make the world's most iconic facades, roofs and structures. With innovations no one has heard of yet and which everyone considers impossible. And which also contribute to a sustainable living environment. We want our operations and activities to have a significant, positive impact on our society and the environment. To achieve this, we are constantly looking further, learning further and getting better. Our ambitions inspire us and challenge us to constantly be the best version of ourselves. Who we are and everything we do brings us step by step closer to our ambitions.