We want to make impact.

Proud to be a B Corp


At Octatube, we want to make a positive impact on our environment, our community, our employees and the rest of the world. Since 2020, we have been allowed to call ourselves a B Corp. With this international certification, we show that business success and profit are perfectly compatible with impactful entrepreneurship, sustainability and social innovation.

The high and especially measurable standards of B Corp stimulate us to think about our impact and how we can do better. In 2023, we naturally want to achieve an even better result for our certification. We are also exploring how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals belong in Octatube's DNA. Particularly in the area of environmental impact, there is still much to be gained for us - and in the construction industry in general.

Specifically, this means, for example:

  • our roof will soon be filled with solar panels
  • we are coming up with smart solutions to do more with less material
  • we always aim for the longevity of our projects through high-quality materials and specialist maintenance
  • we judge our suppliers not only on quality and price, but also on the steps they take to ensure a sustainable living environment and social impact
  •  we are anchoring the impact we want to make on the world in our core ideology, which will forever remain linked to Octatube

We are at the beginning of impactful business. There is still plenty of room to expand our activities and actions around this theme, and we look forward to that!