Fastned City Stations

Since the beginning of this year, Octatube has been involved in the development of the technical design for the Fastned City Stations. The first urban fast-charge stations are currently being realised in The Hague. The City Stations are designed by Fastned as a timber canopy structure with a glass roof. The glass contains integrated PV-cells which partially supply power for charging electric cars. The canopy structures will be realised by Octatube.

The typical City Station is an assembly of four semi trusses and a glass roof with photovoltaic cells. The timber trusses are positioned back-to-back, acting as one column that supports the roof structure. The majority of the steel structure, water drainage, solar inverters and cables for the photovoltaic glass are designed to be hidden from view. In order to create a larger charging station, two or more canopies can be linked together.

Fastned is building a European network of fast charging stations. They have already established 50 charging stations along the Dutch highways and one City Station in The Hague. With the arrival of the City Stations, the nationwide network will expand into urban areas. All types of electric cars (including Tesla’s) can be charged at the Fastned stations.




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