Teahouse Garden Hermitage


In the courtyard garden next to the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam a teahouse has opened its doors in April 2014. The new pavilion has a wood structure and a full height glass facade running around the building. Hot bent glass panels at the corners provide an unobstructed view into the urban garden and incorporate the garden into the interior.

The courtyard garden is a social enterprise of the Protestant Parish Amsterdam and has always been open to the public. Yet it is located on a hidden location in the city. It is hoped that the new function of the tea room will attract a wider audience to the garden, that is situated in a rich historic environment. Also a new gate at the Weesperstraat (in between the Nieuwe Herengracht and the Nieuwe Keizersgracht) provides better access to the city garden. The oasis of calm in the city is meant for everyone that wants to escape the turbulence of everyday city life.

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