Contract: T-House

Octatube has been awarded the contract to engineer, produce and install the glass pavilion the T-House (T-Schenkerij). Unique features of this project are the location next to the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam, and the application of hot bent glass in which the manufacturability of the glass sizes is pushed to the limits.

The building of the tea house is designed by architect Friso ten Holt, and consists of two freestanding volumes that literally connect together into a 'T-House'. The pavilion is situated next to museum Hermitage in Amsterdam, on the premises of the Protestant Parish Amsterdam. Despite its urban location, the building finds itself in a very green environment (the garden of Amstelhoven) where there are a lot of trees.

Commissioned by contractor Jac. de Nijs, Octatube is responsible for 165 square meters of structural facades. All glass panels have a free span from top to bottom, enabling an unimpeded view into the garden. The corners of the glass volume are made by hot bent glass panels. The sizes and dimensions of these hot bent glass panels are on the edge of the technical possiblities. The teahouse volume with a wooden roof structure of laminated beams, is connected to an existing building that will be completely renovated. Besides, different glass doors provide access to the garden and the outside terrace.

The project shall be completed in the fall of 2013.


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