Diamonds are forever

The Diamond Exchange (work in progress)
After 1870 Amsterdam experienced a great economic boom. The diamond industry flourished by the supply of diamonds from South Africa (the 'Kaapse tijd'). In 1910 the Diamantbeurs (The Diamond Exchange) was built in Amsterdam in order to promote the diamond trade. The famous architect Gerrit van Arkel has designed the Diamantbeurs. The building suffered damage over the years. In 1965 a big fire broke out. The property had to be partially dismantled. Fortunately most of the diamonds were stored in the basement. In 1990, the current roof top structure was added and the building got the façade as it is today.

Listed building
The national monument was purchased by Sijthoff Media Group and Zadelhoff (previously Beheer Brouwershof) in 2015. This year the Diamantbeurs will undergo a transformation designed by ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architecten en Heyligers design + projects. All historical details will be done by Braaksma & Roos Architecten. Octatube has been contracted to build the spectacular roof construction. The design of this roof top is in contrast with the brick façade that is being renovated as part of the overall project. The project has been developed in close collaboration with the Welstandscommissie (Aesthetics Committee).
Octatube has experience with these kind of a complex projects. Last year Octatube completed Rokin 49; this roof construction is 80 meters wide and consists of a gridshell lined with 423 diamond-shaped sandwich panels.

Artist impression: ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architecten

Start production
The Octatube team has already finished the engineering. Now production can start. The high quality design is innovative, especially in optimizing the 3D shape and in the way the full design is parametric. The dome will occupy 2 floors and you can imagine what was the inspiration.

A mock-up was made in our own factory during the detailed design stage. We make mock-up to demonstrate to clients what the project will look like and to ensure the design is as clever and efficient as possible. Thus (after the mock-up) we can, if necessary, make small and smart adjustments before starting assembly.

Capital C
When construction is completed the Diamond Exchange will be called Capital C. The place where the creative industry will come together.

Willem Sijthoff says: "One of the most effective marketing strategies in the 20th century was the positioning of the diamond as a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. The value and sales of diamonds increased. It’s a beautiful thing that in the future everything involved with creativity will come together in this building."

Artist impression: ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architecten


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