Building with Steel - The Diamond Exchange

Bouwen met Staal has released a special about the 'Diamantbeurs' this month. The national monument, now called Capital C, is restored to its former glory. Octatube's Wouter van der Sluis en Robert Capel have contributed to this special edition, in which the parametrically designed building, the challenges and the solutions are explained in detail. 

Parametric Koh-i-Noor

"The gridshell construction with the elegant lines of 'the new diamond' at the Diamond Exchange, could be developed within budget into a slim construction with minimalist details in steel and glass, thanks to a parametric tool.

The shape of the dome at the former Diamond Exchange is a derivative of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. This is a 186-carat diamond that was stolen by the British in 1849 from the Indian Sikh emperor to donate to Queen Victoria. In 1852 this diamond was recut into a 109-carat diamond in Amsterdam."  

Read the full article here on Bouwen met Staal (it's in Dutch).  

Photo: J.W. Kaldenbach


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