LocHal nominated for Best Building of the Year 2019

BNA Best Building of the Year is the Dutch architecture prize for architectural firms that offers clients and society added value. The prize has been awarded since 2006. Entries for Best Building of the Year show that the building offers excellence in a broad sense. This year the LocHal in Tilburg is one of the nominees. Octatube recently rebuilt the Glass Hall within the walls of the LocHal

In addition to the architectural quality, BNA Best Building of the Year also takes into account the use and experience value, the added social value and the quality of the cooperation. This Dutch architecture prize is awarded by the Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus (BNA). It is an honour for Octatube that the LocHal and therefore the Glass Hall was nominated. You can vote until May 1st. Do you support circularity in construction? Vote for your personal favourite now and who knows, the LocHal may soon be called the Best Building of the Year 2019. 

(Photo © Thea van den Heuvel)


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