Polaris LVNL project is progressing well!

Octatube, in cooperation with Bouwcombinatie Sprangers-Kuijpers, is developing a footbridge to connect the new building of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) with the current office. The new building, where the training centre will be housed, will be built on the other side of the road in relation to the current building. The building and the bridge, called Polaris, will each have a high-tech, futuristic appearance. 

Late February, the enormous steel construction ( consisting of 2 parts of 25 meters) travelled quite some distance by road and water to reach Schiphol-East. In order to minimize inconvenience, the steel frame was put in place at night to be further cladded.  

Five weeks later, the team is busy covering the elliptical tunnel with sandwich and glass panels. This project is going smoothly and completely according to plan. The main building, to which the bridge will soon be connected, is now wind and watertight. A milestone for all parties working on this project and for LVNL itself, of course.

Here is a short video about this milestone. At 1:40 you can see how far Octatube has come in the past weeks.

At the beginning of May the fully clad bridge will be laid in place. This promises to be another milestone in this project. Of course, we will also be there to report what's happening.


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