Nomination Glass Award 2016

Octatube has again been nominated for the Dutch Glass Award. Two years ago, the all-glass elevator shaft of the Mauritshuis was one of the nominees. This edition, the Glass Entrance Building of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is one of the contenders.

photo: Erik van der Thiel & Arjan Klem, engineers of the Van Gogh Museum's Glass Entrance Building

The Dutch Glass Award is a biennial award for advanced and talked about initiatives and projects in the field of flat glass. The jury assessed a number of 32 entries with projects, products and other initiatives from the world of flat glass. Six candidates have been nominated.

The award is organized by the Dutch Glass Association. They have assigned this year’s prizes to the ‘Fake Swimming Pool’ (one single glass unit that resembles a swimming pool due to a layer of water) in Museum Voorlinden – realised by one of their members - and the Crystal Houses project (a spectacular glass brick façade, developed by the Delft University of Technology).


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