40 years Design & Build

This year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Design & Build concept. Octatube has a strong focus on designing and realising innovative architectural structures, mainly with glass and steel as distinctive elements, but also increasingly with materials such as wood. In doing so, we have built up a fine reputation and realised numerous striking and challenging projects.

In 1983, Mick Eekhout founded Octatube Space BV. He pioneered the design of spaceframes to cover large spaces with a minimum number of columns. However, there was no party to build these designs. He therefore established Octatube as a 'Design & Build' company.

The past 40 years have been a great journey. What started with inventing a spaceframe system has grown into building large and diverse projects at home and abroad. As a design & build partner, we help our clients optimise and realise their ambitions and iconic designs. With in-depth knowledge of all types of materials and advanced production techniques, with innovative engineering, precision fabrication, expert installation and specialised maintenance. 

We also strive to make responsible and sustainable choices, without compromising on our high quality standards that ensure a long life of every project. With our B Corp certification, we demonstrate our measurable high standards and goals on social and environmental performance and transparency.

We celebrated this milestone in our new office building which we moved into just before the turn of the year. In this new building, our teams of engineering and craftsmanship come together to realise architectural concepts with innovative tailor-made solutions. 

We want to thank our clients, suppliers and all our partners. Here's to even more challenging architecture in the years to come.



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