Canopies Bus Interchange Liffey Valley realised

The two canopies of the new bus station at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in Dublin, Ireland, offer a sheltered walk to and from the bus. The integrated spaces for green will add to the experience.

The fluent and organic design by Henry J Lyons Architects is beautiful in its simplicity. The canopies move with the places where the buses stop. Both canopies have a broad central steel core on columns with a cantilevering steel structure on the sides.

The core is partially open, providing space for planters and trees. In other places, the core is closed at the top, with greening on the roof. Three waiting areas are located in these closed sections. Vertical glass panels between the concrete substructure and ceiling provide shelter from wind and rain.

Horizontal glass panels with structurally glued (anodised) aluminium profiles hang from the steel core. The glass has a translucent interlayer: lighting from above provides a uniformly luminous glass surface.


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