Safety Culture Ladder step 3 for Octatube

As of October 2021, Octatube has been successfully certified the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) step 3.

The SCL is an assessment method for measuring awareness and conscious safe behavior in companies. The goal is to reduce the number of unsafe situations with fewer incidents as a result. With an emphasis on company culture, the SCL highlights other aspects than systems such as ISO 45001 and VCA. Procedures and documents are checked, of course, but moreover the focus lies on conversations with employees to get a feel for their safety awareness, attitude and behaviour.

The SCL ladder consists of 5 steps. The higher the safety awareness in an organization, the higher the assigned ladder step.

Through the certification process, we have grown as a company and become more aware of our Health & Safety policies especially in terms of culture and awareness. We now have a complete H&S system, in which all company certifications (VCA**, ISO 45001 and SCL) reinforce each other.


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