The third Fastned City station in The Hague

Fastned is quickly expanding its European network of 1000 fast charging stations on prime locations, where all electric vehicles can charge with renewable energy from the sun and wind.
Recently we delivered the third fast charging station in The Hague.

You can find this iconic design at the J.P. Coenstraat and recognize it by its yellow edges, wood and solar panels. For these so called City Stations, fast charging stations in urban areas, we took on the technical elaboration and construction of the design by Maria Garcia.
Read more about the design and engineering behind the City Stations here.

We’re proud to contribute to the transition into electric driving, since 2016. With the arrival of the City Stations electric driving becomes more accessible and easy to the urban user. The Hague is the first city to build fast charging stations within municipal borders. It is most likely that more cities will follow soon.


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