Commendation for the Glass Hall

The Dutch Building Prize ‘De Nederlandse Bouwprijs’ is an initiative of the Dutch Building Prize Foundation ‘Stichting De Nederlandse Bouwprijs’. The foundation aims at promoting the quality and distinctive character of the built environment and stimulat the versatile building talent in the Netherlands. Since 1991, the foundation has awarded the Dutch Construction Prize ‘De Nederlandse Bouwprijs’ once every two years.

The assessment for The Dutch Construction Prize consists of the three P's: People, Planet and Profit. These three terms are well-known in the field of sustainable development. Therefore, the entry has a positive impact on people, planet and profit. The Glass Hall has received an honourable mention from the jury of the Dutch Construction Prize 2019. 

Jury report: The project has all aspects of 'preservation of value' in it: cultural, historical and aesthetic. The entire project is 100% reused. Although this interior element may not be very complex from  the constructive point of view, it is a good example of total reuse. Therefore an example for the sector!

Octatube, especially the team of Octatube Services who took care of the reconstruction of the Glass Hall, is very proud and grateful for this honourable mention. Circularity in construction & sustainability are  important focus points for Octatube Services. It is therefore an honour to be recognized by the jury of the Dutch Construction Prize for doing so.


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