Sneak preview new glass structures The Hague museums

he Gemeentemuseum and the Mauritshuis, two leading museums in The Hague, are currently being refurbished. Both projects are featured by eye catching glass structures. Although the realisation of both structural glass constructions has not yet been completed, we are proud to provide a sneak preview below.

At the Gemeentemuseum (municipal museum), Octatube is working on the transformation of the courtyard, creating a 700 square meters space covered by an all-glass roof. The interior plaza that is being realised gives the museum new possibilities to suit the 21st century. The space will already be used on the Nuclear Security Summit this month. Early summer the glass hall will be open for the public.

On Friday the 27th of June the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis reopens its doors. The museum is completely renovated and extended. The entrance is moved from the main entrance to the forecourt and is marked by an innovative round elevator shaft and glass floors. Last week spectacular installation works took place when the glass elevator cage (supplied by Mitsubishi Elevator Europe) was hoisted in the round shaft. One of the characteristics of the elevator shaft is that glass fins are conducting the elevator up and down. The elevator is situated right next to the Prime Minister’s office in the little tower.


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