At the foot of the Euromast, Ector Hoogstad Architects has designed a residential tower for Westerpark CV, with an underground parking garage. Three characteristic glass objects form the entrance to the underground level. The entries contain both hot as cold bent glass. At the end face hot bent glass was applied and at the sides the glass is cold bent. The panels are mechanically connected to a rolled steel inner structure with Octatube nodes. The glazed entries with their staircases to the underground level provide daylight down to the third level below ground level.
Octatube was responsible for the engineering, production and assembly of the three glass entry buildings. The realization of these complex 3D objects is achieved by a close cooperation between advanced 3D CAD software and practical experience and craftsmanship in cold bending and twisting of glass panels.
The underground parking, build by Dura Vermeer, is located underneath a sloping roof with green strips, which makes it blend into the surroundings. The three glass entries are beacons on top of this green roof.

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