Museum of Icons
Museum of Icons
Museum of Icons

Museum of Icons

Glass, Steel

The Museum of Icons is situated on a historical place in the monumental centre of the city of Kampen. The museum is housed in an old monastery.
With the advent of the museum, the former convent has drastically been rebuilt. The courtyard has been given a modern and transparent look by fitting in a glass atrium. This is where the museum café is located. The atrium also serves as entrance space to an old tower, where the exhibition halls are.

The 9,5 meters high atrium, that in fact is a new entrance of the museum, has a glass roof of 6 by 9 meters. The main load bearing structure is separated from the historical buildings. This way it is not necessary to transfer new forces to the historical buildings. The steel construction consists of three portals that are interconnected. The beams of the portals are rolled to achieve the desired shape. The glass panels are connected to the horizontal lens shaped rods by stainless steel Quattro nodes.

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