The Curve, IJsselstein


Transparency is one of the core values of this organization. Transparency also formed the basis for the design of the new office, the Curve, by EVA architects. The architectural design of EVA architects was already complete and the client wanted to follow the design to a T. They were looking for a party that could deliver the best possible result without compromising on quality. 

Octatube's specialism as a facade builder appealed to the client. Therefore we worked directly for them. This meant a high level of customer involvement. The client had the confidence to work with a specialist facade builder as well as a renowned contractor. Our specialism is clearly visible in the glass panels that run from top to bottom. The fully glazed facade maximizes visibility and access to light. The challenge in the build was the convex (curved) and concave (hollow) bending of the glass in combination with the coating. The team of Octatube has a lot of experience with this and we informed and involved the client and architect at an early stage of the build. Problems were tackled and the project progressed smoothly. Energy conservation was an important part of the design. The building generates its own electricity entirely through solar panels. The moss-sedum roof ensures better infiltration of rainwater. CO2-controlled zone air treatment and presence detectors for the lighting ensure that no energy is wasted. The end result is close to the customer's expectations and no concessions on quality have been made. The Octatube team has delivered on promises in terms of planning and quality.

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