Bouwwereld - Passage Tilburg

"The wavy roof of the central shopping area in Tilburg is supported by a very light steel construction that acts as a reciprocal frame. The bolted connections between the various frame parts are very detailed and cleverly constructed in a way they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The new roof for the shopping area in Tilburg is designed by Rijnboutt in close collaboration with Octatube. Rijnboutt was looking for a spectacular and sculptural experience with a transparent wavy glass roof. They asked Octatube to develop the roof together and explore the geometrical boundaries, says Iris Rombouts, designer and project manager at Octatube. The new roof has a width of 7 metres. The length of the roof is in the longitudinal direction, which is supported by a high column and a low column. The roof also has a curvature in the other direction. "For the construction we wanted to make the wave as large as possible because it contributes to the stiffness. Though the cold-twisted glass must also be able to follow this curve. We tried to find the ideal fit between the two," says Rombouts."

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