New roofligt for C16

Because the old rooflight in the building next to C30 The Hague needed replacing, we designed, engineered and built a beautiful small gridshell roof in its place. Completely in the visual style of its big brother.

The roof consists of a double-curved steel grid of 6x24 meters, cladded with cold bent glass panels. The span of the roof is relatively small, especially to be able to generate a convexity. This causes a lot of torsion in the glass. With our parametric model, we found the optimal balance between a steel structure that is as minimal as possible and a glass surface that is as large as possible. We also took into account the limits of what is possible with cold-bendable glass in combination with the external loads, such as snow and wind.

As with the C30 gridshell, we enjoyed our cooperation with Shell, De Vries and Verburg. We are happy that we were able to help Shell with this beautiful small version of C30. And we are proud of our assembly team for working safely and meeting the safety requirements.

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