Proud of how we are becoming more sustainable.

December last year, Octatube switched to clean energy. We covered the large roof area of our factory with solar panels. A perfect place to do so. In January we saved our first ton of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to planting 30 trees. By the end of 2022, we hope to have saved enough CO2 emissions to plant an entire forest.

The special steel structure of the roof ensures that the entire factory floor is free of columns, but it had to be reinforced to support the solar panels. It was great that we could use the 'Zonnig Zuid-Holland' subsidy plan to make this happen and to optimize the amount of solar panels on our roof.

Our impact on the environment and our society is high on our agenda. We want to contribute to a sustainable future. The sustainable generation of electricity for our company (and outside office hours we supply electricity to the grid) fits in with that. We also notice in the projects that questions regularly come up about how we deal with sustainability, such as the materials we use. And in sales, customers ask how we guarantee our environmental and social impact. Octatube Services is getting more and more work on maintenance and repair, which is preserving value for the materials used.

We are going to further reduce our CO2 footprint. Being a B Corp encourages us!


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